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Mobility can mean so much.  Help us sustain and expand our #GrAmYo Metro Pass Giveaway.  Also stay tuned for when we will be accepting entries for next month’s giveaway.  


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For some change of seasons, moods and the night can be not so great. Here are some awesome resources. #GrAmYo says get ur life

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Please take a moment to read. This is an anonymous letter that is address to LGBT Organizations in Missouri. Before you dismiss, just think about what they are saying. Think about how we all can be more inclusive. Think about the how we can do better. If we cannot talk about this then we are not any better than those who oppress us. Thank you for the critic and let us all move forward together. Let the dialogue begin.

None of us are free if one of us are chained…

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Suicide Lifeguard - Android Apps on Google Play

HERE is a good app for those who are and/or supporters of those struggling with Suicidal Idealization. 



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It’s World Suicide Prevention Day and Trevor staff agrees: It’s brave to #AskForHelp today and every day.

Download your own sign for a selfie here. Then upload it using #AskForHelp!

Check out for more.

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#GrAmYo Ask #whatyoulive4

#GrAmYo Ask #whatyoulive4

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One of advisors and youth. She was the recipient of the Metro Pass Giveaway. Stay tuned to #GrAmYo to find out where the pass takes her. Follow the link below to help us keep this going.

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One of our Adult Advisors and a youth the recipient of the #GrAmYo Metro Pass Giveaway. STAY TUNED TO our hashtag to find out what adventures it will take her on. If you would like to help us sustain and expand our Metro Pass Giveaway, to provide more youth with mobility please email us at:

Or visit our website at

Ask about our sustainer donor program
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Congratulations Isabelle you are the winner of this month #GrAmYo Metro Pass Give away. Stay tuned because we will have another pass to Give away next month

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Life is to short for you not to be you. JOIN US TONIGHT FOR GENDER YOUTH GROUP.